Agastya International Foundation is the brain child of a group of diverse and highly experienced individuals and is led by Ramji Raghavan, a former non resident banker. Ramji came back to India with a vision of providing creative, hands-on education to poor children and teachers - an education as opposed to conventional techniques of teaching that emphasise theoretical and rote based learning. He is the Chairman of the Foundation.

Set up in Bangalore as an education Trust, Agastya International Foundation seeks to stimulate the creative thinking potential of rural children in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh with an emphasis on science education. It seeks to redefine ways to gaining knowledge of science through an innovative education model that is holistic and experiential which provides opportunities to imagine and explore one's creativity with self confidence.

Agastya's vision is an India of 'tinkerers, solution-seekers and creators' who are 'humane, anchored and connected'.

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Towards this vision it has initiated several innovative programs:

  • A creativity lab that develops, tests, propagates effective and innovative teaching-learning methods.
  • A discovery centre that has interactive exhibits on science, technology, art and ecology, model making facilities.
  • A center for creative teaching that has training programs for teachers which attempt to motivate teachers to enhance their performance.
  • An ecology initiative.
  • An art center.